RawJoxxx: Real Men Take It Raw

That is right, real men fuck bareback and you know it! Eight hot muscle men get it on in this hot raw video that is actually gonna be a featured on AEBN end of May.  Now you know when AEBN does that it must be a damn hot video.

Real Men Take It Raw by RawJoxxx Studios

Rick Richards and his monstrous cock do damage in the first scene with Jacob White take it deep in the sling.  Rick makes sure Jacob swallows it deep to get it rock hard for his big ass.  All while Dominik rider and Andre Barclay fuck each other in their own sling room.

Big muscle boy Travis Turner gets some black ass and cock with Kamrun in a cage and sling as well.  Kamrun starts to fuck the big white ass of Travis but before you know it Kamrun is in the sling giving up his big phat ass himself to Turner’s big white meat.

Hot latino lovers Dominik and Rocco Martinez get it on in the last scene like fucking dogs in heat each taking turns barebacking Latin ass. Woof!  Real Men Take It Raw is the way videos are suppose to be made!

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Tyler Reed

Rick Richards

Woof. Hello Muscle Daddy! Woof Woof!  Rick Richards is by far the hottest muscle daddy I have in my films.  Beautiful pecs you just want to suck on all night, a monstrous cock for cock lovers and a smooth bubble butt that begs to be used.

Jock Model: Rick Richards

You know he is a hot daddy cause I suck his cock in a scene and you know it’s rare for me to do such a thing.  Of course I still have my way with him and make him submit to Big Daddy Tyler Reed so I can bareback his sweet muscle ass.

But seriously though just look at him.  Wouldn’t you want to be his boy? Well you can’t Nick Andrews is already filled that position but Rick himself likes to be owned by big muscle boys too.  This hot man can give and take like the best of them and yes he loves to be double fucked! I know I did it to him.

So make sure you check out his scenes with me and his boy toy and I am sure you will blow a load.

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Tyler Reed

RawJoxxx: Bareback Fiction

Is it Real? Or is it Fiction? You will have to watch Bareback Fiction to see for yourself as a star studded bareback cast of Dominik Rider, Jason Mitchell, Kamrun, Rocco Martinez, Sage Daniels and Travis Turner bareback each other.

Kamrun gives Dominik Rider his big black uncut cock and pounds the shit out of Dominik Rider while he sits in the sling.  Nothing like a black cock fucking a slutty Latino ass and barebacking it deep.

Bareback Fiction by RawJoxxx Studios

Rocco Martinez also gets his crack and fucking that Latino ass and putting two hot Latino’s together is sure to spark the fire for intense bareback action. Sage Daniels thought he would relax in the hot tub after the last scene but he met Jason Mitchell soaking in the tub as well and before you knew it he was sucking on his nips and then face fucking Jason hard and deep!

Kamrun comes back for another bareback fuck and fucks the big ass of Travis Turner while he is sleeping in bed.  He rips a hole in his underwear and fucks the big muscle boy the whole time until he blows his jizz.

Now was all this an act of Fiction?

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Tyler Reed

Zac Zaven & Drake Hanson

I never have done a duo actor review but I had to with these two.  Zac Zaven and Drake Hanson were the best pairings of models for my movies.  These two had instant chemistry and each knew their role for each other as soon as they got naked.

Jock Models: Drake Hanson & Zac Zaven

Zac is a true bareback bottom slut and just loves to get used, spit on and used again. This hairy chested muscle twink can cock start anyone with his cock sucking abilities.  He uses so much spit it is incredible.  He will even spit on your cock so you can fuck him with it instead of lube.

Drake loves to dominated pussy boys like Zac and slap their asses so hard it leaves his hand print.  He loves to mark his territory by following that up with breeding the sluts hole.  If you spit on him he will spit right back at you and in your face you fucker!

These two fuckers were so hot together I made them do two scenes together.  If they lived in the same state I am sure they would be married and Drake would be pimping out Zac’s fucking slutty hole.

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Tyler Reed