10 Hot Fuckers

That was how many hot models I had this past week on one of my biggest shoots ever. All waking around the house half naked making their breakfast, hot tubbing, watching TV, riding blow up whales in the pool. Geez sounds like a porn shoot eh?

Well, it all went well and we got some good porn made. Special thanks to Bishop Angus who filmed with me, as I was only the 2nd studio he has work for as he heard I was the best producer to work for in the business and I couldn’t argue with that! Also, rounding out the cast was his real-life partner Scott Riley who I dubbed an Alpha-Sub with attitude but a big ass that just loves raw cock!

The scenes from last week will start coming out this month and the DVD’s come out in June. Now on to casting for the next fall shoot. Bring it on men!


Keep Pumping
Tyler J. Reed

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