PHAT Ass London Bottom Boy

Everyone knows I love fucking PHAT fucking ass and in my experience, it’s the short dudes that have big butts. Now I get a lot of bottom boys on Twitter etc hitting me up to bottom for me and yes most are hot and have great butts, but there is this one from London (@LondonBtmBoy27 on Twitter) that has a huge fucking PHAT Ass that I am in love with.

He is short (5’7”) which explains why his ass is so PHAT and the sound it’s gonna make when I slam it with my massive quads and crotch is gonna make me just fucking blow deep!



He would be in the top 5 bottoms I would fuck for my site. His ass is almost as big as Chip Young’s (porn star I fucked on my site many times). But this London bottom boy is just begging to have his ass power fucked and owned for a weekend. I think a trip to London or get his ass here is on the bucket list for this year.

I mean just look at his fucking PHAT ass, tell me that just is begging to be used hard! Only problem is explaining to customs and immigration why I am importing his ass – I would say “ummm just look at that PHAT ass ma’am – we don’t have big PHAT ass’s like that around here, and Big Daddy needs to import them!!”.



Keep Pumping
Tyler J. Reed

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