RawJoxxx: Condom Break 4

Sometimes when we film the guys will only do it with a condom but they are so hot we hire them anyways. Luckily for us the condom breaks and they enjoy the feeling of raw cock so much they forget they even asked for a condom and beg to get their slut holes seeded! By the time this movie was over we turned Leo Forte, Teddy Bryce, Beau Reed and Jacob Durham into barebackers!

Leo Forte loves a good thick cock up his ass and when Jacob Durham showed up he knew he was going to get used good. But Leo wanted Jacob to use a condom on his big ass as he didn’t trust where Jacob was all weekend.


Reluctantly Jacob puts the condom on but cause his cock is so thick it didn’t take long for the condom to break and that’s when it started feeling great for Leo not knowing the condom broke right in his ass!

While lying in bed together, Bishop and Teddy start to browse porn on their iPad. Teddy is curious to see what kind of porn the hot, older stud is into. Bishop suggests Tyler Reed’s site, BarebackFlixxx. Teddy is slightly apprehensive about bareback porn but is secretly turned on.


The two muscle studs begin to get naked but just as bishop is about to shove is fat cock into teddy’s eager hole, Teddy cries out to put on a condom. Bishop humors the boy but within a minute the condom breaks. But it’s too late. Bishop’s cock feels so good in Teddy’s ass that he begs Bishop for his raw cock and to take his Daddy seed!

Jacob Durham had been hearing all week from the other guys on set on how juicy and bubbly Beau Reed’s ass was and how it swallowed everyone’s cock with extreme ease. Jacob was eager to find out for himself when he finally got his chance later that week. Beau impressed Jacob with his deep cock sucking skills and he could see how Beau’s ass was just begging to be used.


But when Jacob put him Beau on his back, legs spread to fuck him, Beau pulled out a condom and made Jacob put it on. Jacob was pissed and just fucked railed his ass hard breaking the condom and them not knowing until the scene was almost done!

Freshly back in to the porn scene, Jacob Durham comes back built with chiseled pecs and his famous huge cock to really show off his talent for the producer Tyler Reed. His first scene partner is Logan Moore who can’t wait to get a feel of Jacob’s hot muscled body. These two start with some serious cock sucking action before Logan shoves his face in that smooth muscle butt getting it all wet and juicy.


But to his surprise, Jacob asks him to put a condom on which not only shocked him but also the producer. So, Logan puts the condom on and then shoves it in that hole and power fucks the hell out of that muscled ass. Somewhere in all that that fucking action it turns in to a hot bareback fuck without Jacob even realizing it!

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