BMM: Load Up My Ass

Hot jock bottoms love to get their ass barebacked and loaded up deep and us Tops agree that is what they were born for! Pheonix Fellington, Trey Turner, Dusty Williams and Teddy Bryce all beg their tops to load up their jock ass and mark their territory. What top can say no to that offer?

Pheonix Fellington had been waiting a long time to give a massage to Big Daddy Tyler Reed from head to toe. Running his hands all over his muscle body really excited him. As his hands traced his huge arms and legs Pheonix’s butt would begin to throb wanting Tyler to massage my hole with his bulging cock. Once he flipped over on his back Pheonix couldn’t focus anymore.


The massage was over and he took his opportunity to swallow that thick daddy cock. He loved it when he moaned and forced my head down onto him. Feeling Tyler slide his thick cock into Pheonix’s black ass gave him goosebumps. He was power fucked like he wanted from Tyler and just gave in and let Tyler control his hole!

Trey Turner’s phat slut ass needs big cock to satisfy it so it was time to pair him up with a big black cock and Pheonix Fellington wanted the job. Pheonix loves to eat ass and make it all wet and open it up with his tongue before he plunges his thick black cock deep in a slut hole. With his legs up in the air, Trey let Pheonix do whatever he wanted to including dumping that hot white jizz in that dark used hole!


But right when Trey thought it was all over, another cock penetrates his hole and tells him he is not finished, It was his old buddy Hans Berlin who loves sloppy seconds and couldn’t resist fucking his wet used hole with a load already up it. Making a nice creampie, Hans used that slut hole hard and made sure it made him shoot his load!

Mason and Dusty are surfing the web and stumble onto Tyler Reed’s site. They find a particularly hot vid and decide to try some moves. Making out quickly turns to cock sucking, with Dusty hungrily deep-throating Mason’s shaft. Mason takes control and face fucks him, slamming balls deep into Dusty’s mouth before flipping him over to get a taste of his ass.


Mason slides his dick down to the hilt, Dusty rocking back to meet his thrusts. Dusty climbs on top, working Mason’s cock deep into his guts. Mason feels himself getting close and throws Dusty back before flooding his ass with jizz. The feeling sends Dusty over the edge and he sprays his own load all over his face and chest. Spent, the boys collapse together in a tangle of sweat and semen.

Big Daddy Tyler Reed and his boy, Teddy Bryce are cuddled up in their vacation home. Tyler can’t keep his hands off his boys muscly, tattooed ass. Soon Daddy and Boy are making the best possible use of their bed, unaware that a stranger is watching from outside.


While Teddy services Tyler’s rock-hard cock, they are too distracted to notice the voyeur enter the room. Tyler rips Teddys tightly whiteys and begins to pound his boy hole. After Tyler shoots his load in Teddy’s used up hole, the strange leaves them to cuddle once again.

Keep Pumping
Tyler J. Reed

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