Lost in Temptation 2

Boys are lost without their Daddy’s to keep them on the straight and narrow. Four more boys cannot get a hold of their Daddies and they are fucking horny. They know they are not supposed to have sex with other men but they can no longer hold out. They all hookup with sluts to get their rocks off and take some raw cock and loads but somehow their Daddy’s timing is impeccable and finally returns their calls right after they take another man’s load – does he know?

Buddy Mason is wearing his Daddy’s favorite briefs hoping he will come over and fuck him in them but he is not responding to his text’s. Frustrated, Buddy texts his porn star buddy Brian Bonds and asks if he can go to him and get his load up his hairy hole but to keep it on the downlow.


Buddy rushes over to Brian’s house to get down on that sweet porn cock and beg for his load. Brian works over his hairy hole and doesn’t stop until he unloads his Jizz. Buddy barely gets off and then the phone rings – o shit!

After having a long shower, Leo Forte gets horny for his Daddy and desperately wants a load in his ass. He tries to get a hold of him but with no response he gets frustrated and calls up his porn star friend Logan Moore to see if he is available for a fuck session. Logan is but is weary cause he is afraid of Daddy finding out.


Leo convinces Logan to let him come over and worship his cock with his huge ass. Logan works over Leo’s mouth and gives his big slut ass his fat uncut cock and load only to hear the phone ring when they finish – Daddy is calling!

Scott Riley hadn’t had his big phat ass worked over by Daddy in a week and was in heat for his raw cock and load. But with Daddy not responding to his texts he was unsure what to do as he is was not allowed to take any other cock without permission. But he was horny and he heard his porn star buddy Michael Roman was in town.


So, breaking the rules he gets a hold of Michael and goes over to service his hot jock cock and take his seed on the down low hoping Daddy does not find out. Michael was a little hesitant but couldn’t resist dumping his load up Scott’s big ass. They no sooner finish shooting their Jizz when Scott’s phone rings and it’s his Daddy – O Boy!

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Mason Lear is surfing a hot bareback site and gets himself all horny for raw cock. He text’s his Daddy and is not getting a response. He knows he is not supposed to take other men’s raw cock without permission but he needs to get fucked by a Daddy. He texts an ol fuck buddy Daddy and begs him to let him come over and take his Daddy cock. Bishop Angus agrees to if it’s on the downlow.


Mason rushes out of the house to go get Bishop hard so he can ride his raw cock and take his Daddy seed. With Bishop’s extremely thick cock he stretches Mason’s boy hole wide and it was what he really needed but he didn’t expect his own Daddy to call right after he took some seed!

Keep Pumping
Tyler J. Reed

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