Born to Take Loads

Some men are born Alpha and to top. Some are born to be submissive and be a bottom. All bottoms are Born to Take Loads!! These bareback bottoms are there to service their top men and take their jizz deep in their guts. However, when two tops get together in the last scene, one must learn to submit to the other and take his load on camera!

The best sex is rarely premeditated. That’s why when Hans Berlin saw Alex Hawk step into their bathroom he decided to act on his primal urges. He grabbed his boy without even bothering to strip him and the shower quickly became steamy as they began making out, then Hans forced Alex to his knees for a good face-fucking.

Ass-eating led to a good old-fashioned shower fuck, then Hans led his still-dripping boy to the couch to continue his raw pounding! After literally tearing Alex’s remaining clothes from his body, Hans gave him a deep-dicking to remember, ultimately fucking the boy’s hot load all over his hairy chest before blowing his own and shoving it deep into the juicy depths of Alex’s ass!

Revenge sex is the best sex, isn’t it? Earlier in the week Brian Bonds had his way with hot bottom boy Scott Riley but for his last scene of the week Brian had to be bottom for Scott’s big muscle bear boyfriend Bishop Angus.

Well let me tell you, Bishop held nothing back. It was like poking the bear and watching to find out what happens. And let me tell you Brian got the fuck of his life. He was holding on for dear life just hoping Bishop didn’t rip him a new hole. Brian could not walk off this set when Bishop was done pile driving his slut hole!

It was a gorgeous morning at the gay resort when Hans Berlin woke his boy Mason Lear up with a kiss on the cheek and started fondling his morning wood under the sheets. It didn’t take Mason much convincing to stay in bed all day and fuck. Mason soon returned the favor and buried his face in between Hans bubble butt near the bedroom window, Hans enjoying the morning view through the window.

His boy pulled him back to the bed on all fours, his ass wet and ready for Mason. His throbbing cock slid gently into Hans’ tight ass, slowly thrusting deeper and deeper. Hans enjoyed every inch, grunting after each thrust as the tempo picked up, until Mason was pounding Hans’ hole as fast as he could. With a loud moan, Mason unloads all the cum he’s saved for his man into his ass, more and more cum dripping out of Hans’ hole as Mason continued thrusting. It isn’t long before Hans blows a big load all over Mason’s chest from getting his cum loaded ass fucked by his boy.

Everyone knows Tyler Reed is a big top but so is Bishop Angus. Bishop starts by giving Tyler a back massage but it quickly turns confrontational as to who is the bigger top and who is gonna fuck who.

Bishop makes a mistake and punches Tyler’s massive chest and well that is not something you want to do, that is like poking the fucking bear. He got a response all right, Bishop become Tyler’s bareback bottom bitch and Tyler didn’t finish until his cum was leaking out of Bishop’s hairy bum, who’s the bigger top now eh?

Keep Pumping
Tyler J. Reed

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