IG: XTylerReedX

Yup, so there is one more social media app I have joined and figured you should know about (just in case you’re not already following me on the other 20!). I am on Instagram now cause I have nothing better to do!

As you know IG does not allow xxx on there (You must check out my Twitter and Tumblr for those) but you will get all my selfies on there. And ya, I take wayyyy to many selfies for a man my age. But what can I say!? I do have to say though you can follow me there for sure, but I will not follow those back with locked accounts. So, if you have not had enough of Big Daddy you now have another social media app to stalk me! LOL!

UPDATE: My IG was deleted / removed by IG, and based on what was on my profile I am left to conclude it was a hater.  No shocker there.  I am since backup and running because you little bitch haters can’t keep a big man like me down.  And I know who this one was – little hairy queen.



Keep Pumping
Tyler J. Reed

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