Payment In Full

When you provide a service, you expect to be paid in full. Now most individuals take credit card or cash, but these hot bareback bottoms will take loads as payment as well. Their clients don’t seem to have their wallets or a means to pay except a hard-raw cock and they make a small deposit in the repository. But the bottoms except to get their Payment In Full!

Marc Giacomo was cleaning out his new garage as he had just moved into the neighborhood. He still had delivery men dropping off purchases he made but he was running low on cash. Dale Savage drops by to deliver his TV when Marc noticed he had nothing but attitude.

He made Dale take it all the way upstairs for him but then Dale wanted payment for the extra work. Marc showed him his fat uncut cock and asked, “how was this for payment?”. Dale needed to leave with some form of payment, so he gladly took any deposit Marc could give, of course Dale would have to come back later for the real payment!

Bishop Angus just sold a huge house with a pool to Riley Mitchel and called to see how everything was. Riley of course being a blond couldn’t figure out how to work the control panel for the swimming pool.

Bishop drops by to show him and then ask him for payment on getting him such a sweet deal on this house. Riley of course was willing to do anything for that, so he gave up his holes for Bishop to use and abuse. Bishop took his ass for payment and stretched his already loose hole, but he said he will come back for another deposit!

Jackson Reed is a hard-working pool boy cleaning huge pools for the rich and famous, but he finds when it comes to collecting payment these men seem to have no cash or lost their credit cards. He comes to collect his payment from Silver Steele who comes up with another form of payment.

A huge deposit in his hot jock ass! After servicing Silver’s huge thick cock and getting his payment, Jackson informs Silver it was a very small payment and he will be back next week to collect the rest!

Scott Riley was hoping for a lazy afternoon surfing hookup apps when his WIFI connection went down. So, he called the cable repair man, Tyler Griz, to come over and get it fixed quickly.

As Tyler walks in the house he quickly gets distracted as Scott is laying there in a jockstrap with his big furry bum just begging for attention. Tyler was obligated to get his payment for this service call and leave a hot deposit of jizz in Scott’s big slut ass!

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