The Cream Pie

Moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful unless of course your neighbors are really friendly like a gay neighborhood. Four men move into their new homes only to find out their neighbors
Jackson Reed, Tyler Griz, Scott Riley and Sean Knight are friendly and bring over a cream pie to welcome them. Of course, they all had their own ideas of a cream pie.

Jackson Reed noticed a hot buff daddy move into the vacant house two doors down and was trying to figure out a way to go over there and get a taste of that daddy cock. So, he freshly baked a cream pie and took it over only to find Dale Savage answer the door shirtless.

Jackson was getting excited when Dale invites him in and asked him to help put together a bed. Well as soon as Jackson bent over to screw in some screws, Dale so that hot little jock ass and new he was gonna do some screwing himself. Now this is how you welcome new neighbors to the hood!

Marc Giacomo just moved into the neighborhood and is putting together some furniture when the doorbell rings. It’s his new neighbor Tyler Griz who brought over a cream pie to welcome him to the area. Marc gets Tyler to join him upstairs to help put the furniture together when Tyler bends over and shows that hot slut ass.

Marc couldn’t resist and shoves his face up that big ass getting it all wet. Tyler of course being the slut neighbor he is, wraps his mouth around Marc’s thick uncut cock and goes to town on it. He hopes his new neighbor knows how to use that tool and he is not disappointed. Maybe he should bring a cream pie over more often!?

Scott Riley noticed he had a hot new neighbor move in beside his house and he needed a reason to go over there and introduce himself. So, Scott bakes a fresh cream pie to take over for his new neighbor. When he knocks on the door and it opens, to his amazement it’s the hot porn star Brian Bonds.

Brian offers Scott to come on in, but Scott can’t stop looking at Brian’s hot chest and Brian couldn’t stop looking at Scott’s big hairy bum and before you knew it Brian’s face was shoved up so far up Scott’s big ass he forgot he was just here being neighborly. In fact, he was now here offering up his holes for Brian to use and fuck raw. Brian had his own idea of a cream pie for his new neighbor!

Tyler Reed just moved into a new upscale neighborhood and was in his garage buffing up his Pimp Daddy truck when his hot neighbor walks in carrying a freshly baked cream pie. Sean Knight had seen this big daddy earlier and knew he had to get in his pants and he thought the best way was to offer up a cream pie!

Lucky for him Tyler loves his cream pies and before you knew it Sean was on his knees licking the cream pie off Tyler’s thick dick. Of course, Tyler had to thank Sean personally for this pie so his shoves his raw cock up his hairy muscled ass and dumps his own cream in it and sends him home loaded!

Keep Breeding
Tyler J. Reed

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