Brian Bonds Services A Daddy

Brian Bonds loves being someone’s property but when he is horny he is horny. Brian is trying to get a hold of his daddy so he can get his holes used but is not getting any response. In the process he hits up an ol fuck daddy who is all to willing to fuck Brian’s slut hole behind his owner’s back. Damon Andros invites Brian over for some hot steamy debauchery and Brian gives in to his horny ass only to get used by Damon and feeling guilty for going behind his Daddy’s back. But one question remains – who is Brian’s Daddy? Keep Pumping Tyler J. Reed...

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By now you have all probably seed a lot of porn stars (and regular guys too) having links to a site called And there has been a lot of debate of what this is or may be doing to the porn industry. I believe the intent of these types of site is to allow fans to join their favorite porn stars page and see them in a more personal way. Whether it be them just having a shower, playing with some toys are fucking around with some of their buddies. These kinda videos are not polished or scripted like the porn you watch and allows the fans to see their porn stars in real time per say. Yes, I do have one myself ( and yes you can see all my videos with my fuck buds and some real fans of mine that fly...

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Lost in Temptation 2

Boys are lost without their Daddy’s to keep them on the straight and narrow. Four more boys cannot get a hold of their Daddies and they are fucking horny. They know they are not supposed to have sex with other men but...

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