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Little Boy, Huge Cock: Leo Forte

Short, stacked and likes to talk back. Yup that is Leo alright. Fortunately, he has a big cock to back up his cockiness. But don’t worry he does eventually submit to bigger men like myself, but unless you have the alpha attitude to put him in your place he will fucking turn you around and make you his little bitch and will make you love it. This boy has some issues! Keep Pumping Tyler J. Reed...

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Big Chest, Big Dick: Jacob Durham

After taking a few years’ hiatus, Jacob Durham has put on some serious muscle mass and comes read to perform. With his beautiful thick cock, he loves to ram it in loose holes and make them beg for more. Suck on his pecs and he will open his hole for you to pound away. If you are gonna fuck him, you better make sure you dump his load up his jock ass! Keep Pumping Tyler J. Reed...

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Short Stacked Bodybuilder

Big, Beefy, Bodybuilder or BBB is the best way to describe Daxton Ryker. Stacked like a brick shit house this bottom boy loves to service his Daddies and anyone who barks orders he will obey. Pinch his tits, slap his ass and shove your cock deep in his tight ass and he will make sure you cum. BBB also stands for Bareback Bodybuilder!! Did I mention this guy has incredible legs? Check them out and his slut-ness on my site! Keep Pumping Tyler J. Reed...

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