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Daddies & Their Boy Toys

If you’re a Daddy you have a boy toy – that’s just the way it is. And if you’re a travelling Daddy then you have a boy toy in every city! Brad Kalvo, Bishop Angus and Tyler Reed check into their hotel rooms horny to pump loads into their local boy toys who are sitting by the phone waiting for them to call. Their boy toys can’t get to the hotel fast enough to start a full-service job for their Daddies! Brad Kalvo had to make a quick trip to Vegas for some business meetings and as soon as he got into his hotel room he figured he would call one of his regular boy toys for some servicing. So, he gets on the phone and orders Mason Lear to get his hot hairy muscled body over to Daddy and start doing his thing! Within...

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Lost in Temptation 2

Boys are lost without their Daddy’s to keep them on the straight and narrow. Four more boys cannot get a hold of their Daddies and they are fucking horny. They know they are not supposed to have sex with other men but...

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Big Daddy’s Big Media

Ok my boys Big Daddy has released a new line of films called Big Daddy’s Big Media. How appropriate eh? What is different you ask about this from my other two? Easy, Big Daddy’s Big Media goes back to what we have been missing in porn and that is a story line. That is right boys – story line porn. No there is not the cheesy lines that the actors must rehearse in fact there is no written down script. I give the guys a premise of the story and the men just say what comes naturally. In fact, the outtakes for these are fucking hilarious and can only be found on the DVD (distributed by Porn Team) or on the future site. However, in the meantime the brand Big Daddy’s Big Media is exclusive to AEBN and will only be found there. Each episode...

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