Zack Hood

Pictures say 1000 words.  Well in Zack Hood’s case they just say two actually. Fucking HOT!  That is right – this hot hairy chested masculine dude appears in my films. Who would have thought I can snag hotter and hotter guys!

And the best part is he is a barebacker! Woo Hoo!!  His massive chiseled pecs, thick body, hard ass and thick uncut cock is a bottoms dream come true.  Plus taking his load in your ass is just the cherry on the cake!

Zack Hood is the poster child for Masculinity.  His hot hairy chest and massive pecs that he loves to have nursed on, just beg for you to submit to him.  Drop his pants and your staring at a nice fat uncut cock that begs to touch the back of your throat.  He loves fucking in the outdoors and using cum for lube.  He may look innocent but he is a nasty bareback fucker.  Just the way I like them!





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